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Quality, professionalism, reliability.
On the market for more than fifteen years, where it has made a name for itself thanks to its substantial experience in the furniture sector, TRE D is a manufacturer that specialises in the production of cabinet doors coated in polymeric laminate. Clik Here
A constant process of technological renewal. The use of increasingly high-performance machinery. An extremely high level of product diversification and specialisation. This is how TRE D offers its customers greater constancy in supply, as well as a flexible assortment and high quality standards.Clik Here
From design to construction of the prototype to mass production: TRE D works together with each customer in assessing the technical, logistic and production aspects related to each decision, suggesting innovative designs and interpreting the most creative ideas with original solutions, experimenting with new materials available on the market.Clik Here
To ensure the utmost quality of the end result, all the materials used for the TRE D production are monitored through every phase – from the moment of sawing – and then subjected to daily checks.Clik Here

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