Production system

Starting from a standard project, from an order or quote, the production process is divided into three phases:

production, quality control, and packaging.


Key principles underlying the production of polymer doors:

  • trained and expert staff on dedicated production lines
  • constant process of technological renewal with ever more efficient machinery
  • extremely high product diversification and specialisation
  • the use in the production of materials certified as MDF CARB

In this way, TRE D offers its customers greater supply consistency and a flexible assortment of high-quality standards.

Our production process is structured according to different processing types. It allows the optimisation of each production phase, as well as the delivery of oversize materials, large batches and – if necessary – advances or extra series production.

Quality control

All materials used in production undergo daily checks and are monitored at every stage, from cutting to delivery, to ensure the outstanding quality of the final product.

Raw materials are supplied exclusively from certified brands.

Each product undergoes targeted and rigorous tests that guarantee its reliability. Before delivery, each door passes the inspection of accredited institutes and analysis laboratories. In doing so, we ensure the maximum level of reliability and safety of all solutions.


We offer an accurate and personalised packaging service to preserve the integrity of each door and meet every need.

Customers can choose the type of packaging that best suits their transportation and warehouse management needs:

  • packaging on pallets
  • carton packing
  • packaging for complete kits.


The high flexibility of the solutions and our punctuality allow customers to satisfy their own clientele with a personalised delivery service, both in Italy and abroad.

A rational order management allows a quick batch production. Constant monitoring of the order ensures compliance with delivery times.